Design Pacesetters 1968

The vintage Home copies I purchased have been fun to look through especially knowing they are as old as I am! The advertising reflects happy home life, the amount of recipes using mayonnaise astounds, and Kleenex featured its Boutique collection of toilet paper in Hot Pink, Bold Gold, and Avocado Flip!

In April of 1968, LA Times Home Interior Design section featured exhibits from the International Design Center with exciting "new" furnishings. 
Some of the award winners for 1968:  

A beautiful Jens Risom polished chrome ring base chair and the Wave rattan chaise by Tropi-Cal.

A molded fibreglas chair by Moreddi - Morris and Eddie Frank were the Frank Brothers who were among the first to import Danish Modern to the US. I've read they helped furnish many of the case study homes.  

Below, chaise by Hall Bradley for Brown-Jordan; hexagon rug by David Hicks, the British interior designer and decorator; and a John Mascheroni polished aluminum table. "Tubo" group I believe.
These pacesetter pieces are still winners today.


A Fashion Beat of 1968

The March 1968 issue of LA Times Home magazine featured this cover !

Inside Sgt. Pepper looks that were the "latest bandwagon" 

A Guest in the House?
This interior design for a guest room featured in the same issue  is for the "tuned-in circle" according to the description. It was created by Jay Steffy who  had quite a reputation later in the 1970's.  Far ahead of his time here but later known for his metallic interiors, massive furniture, and vibrant colors.  Love the chair !


Sights & Sounds of 1967 !

A recent find of LA Times "Home" magazines from the 60's includes this visual trip cover of October 1967. The room featured at the International Design Center in Los Angeles was designed by the mother/son team of Adele Faulkner, FAID, and Lloyd Faulkner, AID, who did their research in the "teenage nightclubs and youth centers of San Francisco"! "They want loud music, wild lighting effects and casual living"  - guess not much has changed !

This feature has some great pictures:  items and interiors that would please the mid-century enthusiast.  Architectural Pottery planters,  Van Keppel-Green, a globe chair wired for sound by Stendig, a "Wall of light" (shown in cover shot), and Saarinen tulip stool and a hi-fi cabinet designed by Hubertus Liere, furniture designer/maker and "plein air" artist.
I'll be sharing more photos of other features over the next few days!


Cool Cardboard Dream

The first house Barbie dreamed of was cardboard and still the coolest I've seen. Issued in the early 60's with foldable furniture, books, and albums that are still being collected on E-bay today, The Dream House of the 60's is due for a re-issue in all it's Mid-Century glory. Hear that Mattel!
Cardboard is making a comeback and is the "new" cool toy.  Interactive, clean, affordable and eco-friendly = win, win!
 Break out the shoe boxes or ask at your local store and recycle that cardboard with your imagination. Companies like Kidsonroof, Kid-Eco, and Calafant offer fantastic playthings so check out those options for your young ones, too.  And cross your fingers someone tells Mattel they are missing it...Barbie is.

image is our Dream House scored at the flea market


Living on Air

Unique, exotic, and modern. Air plants or Tillandsia (the genus name) are in the Bromeliad family.
Black thumb? No worries! 
They only require a little water and some sunlight to survive but can be quite intriguing with the variety of forms, colors, and textures.  I love what Flora Grubb has created with air plants and the atmosphere created for a recent wedding. 
These plants are ever so modern used as decorative accents. 
check out the on line store for miniature terrariums and lots of ideas for use in your modern decor.
photo from www.floragrubb.com


Give me Shelter, Jonathan

Strolling Fashion Island in Newport Beach, one of my stops is always the Jonathan Adler store. Initially a pop up, rumor has it that a BIGGER location is coming soon. Right next to the Trina Turk, of course
But you will have to wait until August to immerse in all that is JA including a bigger selection of the Junior range.
Prepare for summer now- this Shelter Island Chair with iron base and hand woven rattan pops with orange cushions.  They also have a great catch all that matches to display all your juicy summer reading.

see the catch all at link  http://www.jonathanadler.com/product.php?cat=&productid=18048


Weekend Escape: Napa

Spring brings the need to refresh and on my calendar it also brings an anniversary, Mother's Day, and my birthday. All good reasons to plan a weekend a way without the offspring!
Ma(i)sonry in Yountville near Napa sounds like the perfect destination. Wine tasting, art, outdoor lounge area and vintage furniture in one spot. Even live music Saturdays in May.  
Alexandra von Furstenberg lucite furniture, vintage Danish chairs, and a glass of f*&ng merlot!

If you can't get there, view their vintage items for sale on 1st dibs http://www.1stdibs.com/furniture_search.php


Stem It To Me!

Many blogs have featured items from the recent Milan Design Week show but here is one I found intriguing and useful at the same time.
Peter Pless who is based in Michigan designed this indoor plant/ herb stand to allow easy growing at home which would eliminate excessive packaging of buying herbs at the grocery.
Makes sense when you think of the return of victory gardens, meals at home, and the sudden fashion of wall gardens - doesn't it!
He is looking for a manufacturer to take this prototype of plastic and steel to the market, so I am really hoping a company sees the genius in it and brings it to market. 
I want one!  no two, maybe three!  

image via www.peterpless.com


Modern Down Under

As I browsed my local Borders recently, I noticed they are now carrying one of my favorite Australian mags!
HOUSES, a unique source of information, featuring brilliant new houses and renovations. (their own description).
Larger photo layouts, floor plans, detailed product lists, as well as a time schedule for the project. All very useful for those renovating and decorating a modern home.
And I didn't even have to fly 14 hours this time! 

To see some sample pages


Hattenbach Residence

The Hattenback Residence, a Ray Kappe designed Mid-Century home in Santa Monica. Love this entry !
This home is currently for sale which means you can browse the interior photos on redfin and see the wonderful use of  glass, natural light, redwood, and open floor plan.  Great inspiration if you are doing a remodel.

Could be yours for a cool $2.4!


Pottery on Air

One of my favorite restaurants in Long Beach features pottery displayed in the front windows. The pottery and plants raised off of the ground makes a great visual picture, especially when viewed through glass. Great to duplicate in an atrium or entry way of an Eichler or MCM home. 

I plan to use if for herbs and lettuce and I won't even have to bend over to pick 'em!  


Clayful Play

The Orange County Museum of Art exhibit "100 lbs. of Clay" is a fun, interactive installation by Charles Long. 100 1 pound squares of colorful goodness to squish and mold as you please.
Kids and adults alike can create their own sculptural forms that are displayed for museum visitors.

Through September 19th


Momma Mia! Modern Kid's Rooms

In the search for modern kids interior ideas, these great room ideas from GAB were found.   And my offspring who generally opposes modern design (since mom likes it), loves them!  
They have some great space saving interior ideas and take kids play in to consideration. Alas, Made in Italy - Momma mia! 

visit the GAB website to view the gallery www.gab.it/prodotti/collezioni_en.html



A week away! 
Sunday, April 25th 
9 am to 1 pm
San Diego
15 - 20 collectors selling modern art, furniture and other items. Corner of Kettner Blvd & W. Kalmia St.
Great section in Little Italy where quite a few mid-century shops have popped up. 


Good time

These bamboo clocks by Decoylab  remind me of the playful clocks George Nelson created which became modern icons. The owl and elephant have a great modern feel

pic www.decoylab.com - go buy it there!


Pillow Talk...

The hand silk screened pillow case designs by Hola Amiga feature art by Nate Williams.  His illustrations and patterns are almost childlike and could be mistaken for vintage, but yet perfectly modern. These are "lines", "space shapes", & "petri dish".

pic www.holaamiga.com

Honey, I shrunk the Eames!

The mini-e is a child size replica of the classic Eames lounge chair created by Ray and Charles Eames in 1956. An icon of mid-century design recreated in a child's size by Little Nest, an Australian furniture company.
Sort of makes me wish I was a kid again! or maybe just shorter........

photo www.clevertomato.com ....buy it there!


Herb In

Egg planters by J. Schatz. I can see these  hanging in multiples  at varying heights to create a herb garden for the MCM or contemporary home.
Also a great house warming gift idea with  a succulent plant.

photo www.jschatz.com


Heath + Ferry

The Heath Marketplace at the San Francisco Ferry Building has opened! Smart folks even rescheduled  their Sausalito tours around the ferry schedule leaving San Fran for Sausalito. Great day trip to hit 2 beautiful NorCal cities and enjoy the amazing wares they offer.
If you have read my earlier post regarding seconds you will be excited to know they will stock some seconds at the new Sausalito location as well.

Photo from Heath website


Cross my Heart

The Criss Cross series available from Modernica. The first Bubble Lamp was designed by George Nelson over 60 years ago. Modernica official reissues follow the original specs.

Photo from Modernica website, www.modernica.net.


Let me stand next to your Fire!

A nice modern take on the fire pit features glass and steel.
Great for your mid century backyard or atrium.
This ethanol fireplace is environmentally friendly and can be found at www.frontgate.com


Double Wide by the pool

Loving these vintage chaise lounges by VKG!  $900 each
Double wide, too .......gosh I am hoping my bikini bottom isn't that bad this summer.....
Found at psmodernway.com
Photo   psmodernway.com


Easter - the Eco Way

Easter is right around the corner and I just stumbled upon this Eco friendly coloring kit made with vegetable dyes such as paprika, blueberries, and sweet potato. They also have paints made from safe ingredients so let your designed dozen be inspired by your favorite modern patterns.  No more worries about all the dye that hard boiled egg soaked up while getting to that perfect shade.

Eco-Kidsusa carries natural art products and they list their mission as putting environmentally safe products into the imaginative hands of kids.  Big kids can have fun, too!
Visit their site at eco-kidsusa.com


The General Store

Wandering around San Francisco recently, we stumbled upon The General Store on Judah while looking for a good cup of joe. 
A great independent store with a well picked selection of vintage and new items ranging from clothes & jewelry to tools.  Lots of unique items from local craftsman too. Mid century with a good earthy feel, so California living.
Hubby and I were happy to browse together!  
Turns out Mason, one of the owners, works on Eichler remodels and renovations in the Bay area ......


Simple good things, Heath Ceramics

After falling head over heels in love with the hand crafted Heath Ceramic tile at the fancy showroom in LA, we knew our relationship with the almighty bathroom renovation budget was going to be strained. BUT, then we found the overstock list! After deciding upon our favorite style and colors, we made frequent visits to the list for stock checks.
And with a bit of creativity and luck, my husband was soon driving to Sausalito at dawn to pick up our tile. Back by dusk with a car full of beautiful tile and a wonderful story of the people who worked in the store, the woman who offered him tea after his journey, and the obvious craftsmanship that the factory store conveyed.
We taped our wall measurements out on the floor, played with our tile for a few hours and created a mosaic of ovals in a rich combination of browns.
Then let the tile guy do his thing following our design - the result works beautifully in our small Eichler bathroom and kept to our pursuit of quality craftsmen ship within our budget.

Heath is one of the few remaining Mid-century American pottery companies still around and still pursuing the passion of its founder, Edith Heath - www.heathceramics.com


Tow the Line!

The whimsical illustrations of Laura Ljungkvist take you on a journey around the world that you will enjoy as much as your young ones! In her third book, she sprinkles lots of fun facts kids will remember after just a few readings.

Inspiration for a children's room wall or color scheme comes as you Follow the Line.

image via tinydecorblog.com