Design Pacesetters 1968

The vintage Home copies I purchased have been fun to look through especially knowing they are as old as I am! The advertising reflects happy home life, the amount of recipes using mayonnaise astounds, and Kleenex featured its Boutique collection of toilet paper in Hot Pink, Bold Gold, and Avocado Flip!

In April of 1968, LA Times Home Interior Design section featured exhibits from the International Design Center with exciting "new" furnishings. 
Some of the award winners for 1968:  

A beautiful Jens Risom polished chrome ring base chair and the Wave rattan chaise by Tropi-Cal.

A molded fibreglas chair by Moreddi - Morris and Eddie Frank were the Frank Brothers who were among the first to import Danish Modern to the US. I've read they helped furnish many of the case study homes.  

Below, chaise by Hall Bradley for Brown-Jordan; hexagon rug by David Hicks, the British interior designer and decorator; and a John Mascheroni polished aluminum table. "Tubo" group I believe.
These pacesetter pieces are still winners today.


A Fashion Beat of 1968

The March 1968 issue of LA Times Home magazine featured this cover !

Inside Sgt. Pepper looks that were the "latest bandwagon" 

A Guest in the House?
This interior design for a guest room featured in the same issue  is for the "tuned-in circle" according to the description. It was created by Jay Steffy who  had quite a reputation later in the 1970's.  Far ahead of his time here but later known for his metallic interiors, massive furniture, and vibrant colors.  Love the chair !


Sights & Sounds of 1967 !

A recent find of LA Times "Home" magazines from the 60's includes this visual trip cover of October 1967. The room featured at the International Design Center in Los Angeles was designed by the mother/son team of Adele Faulkner, FAID, and Lloyd Faulkner, AID, who did their research in the "teenage nightclubs and youth centers of San Francisco"! "They want loud music, wild lighting effects and casual living"  - guess not much has changed !

This feature has some great pictures:  items and interiors that would please the mid-century enthusiast.  Architectural Pottery planters,  Van Keppel-Green, a globe chair wired for sound by Stendig, a "Wall of light" (shown in cover shot), and Saarinen tulip stool and a hi-fi cabinet designed by Hubertus Liere, furniture designer/maker and "plein air" artist.
I'll be sharing more photos of other features over the next few days!


Cool Cardboard Dream

The first house Barbie dreamed of was cardboard and still the coolest I've seen. Issued in the early 60's with foldable furniture, books, and albums that are still being collected on E-bay today, The Dream House of the 60's is due for a re-issue in all it's Mid-Century glory. Hear that Mattel!
Cardboard is making a comeback and is the "new" cool toy.  Interactive, clean, affordable and eco-friendly = win, win!
 Break out the shoe boxes or ask at your local store and recycle that cardboard with your imagination. Companies like Kidsonroof, Kid-Eco, and Calafant offer fantastic playthings so check out those options for your young ones, too.  And cross your fingers someone tells Mattel they are missing it...Barbie is.

image is our Dream House scored at the flea market


Living on Air

Unique, exotic, and modern. Air plants or Tillandsia (the genus name) are in the Bromeliad family.
Black thumb? No worries! 
They only require a little water and some sunlight to survive but can be quite intriguing with the variety of forms, colors, and textures.  I love what Flora Grubb has created with air plants and the atmosphere created for a recent wedding. 
These plants are ever so modern used as decorative accents. 
check out the on line store for miniature terrariums and lots of ideas for use in your modern decor.
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