Cool Cardboard Dream

The first house Barbie dreamed of was cardboard and still the coolest I've seen. Issued in the early 60's with foldable furniture, books, and albums that are still being collected on E-bay today, The Dream House of the 60's is due for a re-issue in all it's Mid-Century glory. Hear that Mattel!
Cardboard is making a comeback and is the "new" cool toy.  Interactive, clean, affordable and eco-friendly = win, win!
 Break out the shoe boxes or ask at your local store and recycle that cardboard with your imagination. Companies like Kidsonroof, Kid-Eco, and Calafant offer fantastic playthings so check out those options for your young ones, too.  And cross your fingers someone tells Mattel they are missing it...Barbie is.

image is our Dream House scored at the flea market

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