Simple good things, Heath Ceramics

After falling head over heels in love with the hand crafted Heath Ceramic tile at the fancy showroom in LA, we knew our relationship with the almighty bathroom renovation budget was going to be strained. BUT, then we found the overstock list! After deciding upon our favorite style and colors, we made frequent visits to the list for stock checks.
And with a bit of creativity and luck, my husband was soon driving to Sausalito at dawn to pick up our tile. Back by dusk with a car full of beautiful tile and a wonderful story of the people who worked in the store, the woman who offered him tea after his journey, and the obvious craftsmanship that the factory store conveyed.
We taped our wall measurements out on the floor, played with our tile for a few hours and created a mosaic of ovals in a rich combination of browns.
Then let the tile guy do his thing following our design - the result works beautifully in our small Eichler bathroom and kept to our pursuit of quality craftsmen ship within our budget.

Heath is one of the few remaining Mid-century American pottery companies still around and still pursuing the passion of its founder, Edith Heath - www.heathceramics.com

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